Two-month reprieve for Laguna Honda

Thanks to so many of you for raising your voices in support of saving Laguna Honda Hospital and its patients.

I’m pleased that this week, the federal government agreed to a two-month reprieve, extending funding to Laguna Honda and pausing patient transfers and discharges until November 13.

Two weeks ago, we filed our lawsuit to challenge the federal government’s decision to cut off federal funding to Laguna Honda and to mandate the facility transfer or discharge all patients by September 13. In recent weeks, nine former Laguna Honda patients had died after being transferred or discharged.

Our city’s lawsuit continues, and we’re going to keep pushing for a compassionate and common sense resolution that keeps Laguna Honda open for the hundreds of our most vulnerable residents who rely on its critical care and rehabilitation services. Can we count on you to make your voice heard by signing our petition?

The federal government’s agreement to pause resident transfers and extend federal funding until November 13 is a welcome reprieve for our Laguna Honda residents and their families. Hopefully, this additional time will allow us to resolve the issues raised in our litigation and administrative appeals, which remain active.

Since the future is still unclear, I hope I can count on you to keep the focus on resolving this crisis. Please sign if you can join us in the fight to keep Laguna Honda open.