There’s no time to wait: Demand a clean energy future

I’ve said it before and will say it again — we must act boldly on climate change. Last year brought more than its share of cataclysmic climate events to California. We know that the threat of climate change isn’t just some distant concern of the future — it’s happening right here and right now.

That’s why I introduced AB 525: to jumpstart an offshore wind industry for California and put us on a pathway to producing 100% renewable energy. But unfortunately, our bill has hit some headwinds through the process.

Will you join me in calling for a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy?

Americans — and Californians especially — are waking up to the dire consequences that climate change poses to our entire way of life. President Joe Biden recently announced actions to catalyze offshore wind in America, with major momentum on the East Coast. But California has a role to play in the offshore wind industry too.

Wind energy has been rigorously tested and has proven time and time again to be a safe, efficient, and reliable source of renewable energy. Recent reports indicate that 2021 may be one the worst fire seasons in recent memory for California. We simply do not have the time to wait any longer to make this transition.

Please join me in demanding 100% clean energy before it’s too late.

Our children and our children’s children deserve to inherit a planet that is clean and livable. If we want to ensure they have that option, the time to act is now.