Please share your priorities for 2021

My team and I are busy preparing for what is certain to be one of the busiest and most difficult legislative sessions in recent history.  It’s absolutely crucial that we take immediate action to keep our communities safe from COVID-19, protect critical access to testing, and ensure those who get sick receive the medical attention they need. 

We also must take immediate action to keep families afloat during this recession, fight evictions and homelessness, save small businesses, and ensure our kids have the support they need during these difficult times. 

There are countless critical issues facing us, but with hard work and collaboration, we can meet the challenges together.  As I prepare for the next legislative session, I need to hear from you about the issues you most care about and want me to champion. 

That’s why I’ve put together a quick survey, so you can tell me which issues matter most to you.  Can you take three minutes to fill it out, and share it with your friends and neighbors in Assembly District 17? 

In a typical year, I spend the late fall months in every corner of our district, talking to San Franciscans from all walks of life about the issues impacting our families and how we can work together to solve them. 

Because of the current situation, beyond neighborhood association meetings and town halls over Zoom, having those crucial face-to-face conversations has been very difficult — which is why this survey is so important. 

I hope you’ll take three minutes to fill out this survey, so my team and I can make our plan to fight for San Francisco in 2021.