Join me so I can continue to fight as your City Attorney

As your City Attorney since 2021, I have fought hard to hold powerful interests accountable and deliver justice for all San Franciscans. Today, I ask you to join my fight as I run for re-election

Under my leadership, my office has successfully taken on the opioid industry, saved Laguna Honda Hospital, and held landlords responsible for renting dangerous properties to tenants. We’ve held corporations accountable for taking advantage of workers, polluting our environment, and defrauding consumers. We’ve worked hard to root out corruption in city government, including public officials, city contractors and others who violated the public trust. And we’ve fought to keep San Francisco safe by launching a gun violence restraining order program, defending programs that address homeless encampments, and filing petitions to care for people with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

I’m just getting started.

While our City Attorney’s Office has established the national gold standard for public law offices, our work is not done. I’m running for re-election because there’s much more we must do to build back a better San Francisco. Our city needs public servants who will fight for accountability. It’s not enough to point at problems; we need leaders who can get the hard things done – who can pierce through layers of laws, regulations and bureaucracy to solve those problems.

I believe fervently in a more accountable and just San Francisco. I will continue to work with city leaders to accelerate progress on the challenges of our times – from public safety and economic revitalization to homelessness and housing – by cutting red tape and reforming city government to work better for all San Franciscans. This is what it’ll take to get our city back on track. 

I hope to count on your support in November, and would be grateful if you could take a moment today to contribute to my campaign.