I read your responses to my survey

The results are back!  A few weeks ago, I sent out a survey to understand what challenges I should tackle in my new role, and I’ve learned a ton from reading about your thoughts and suggestions for our City. 

The top three priorities from the hundreds of you who replied to the survey are: ending and preventing homelessness, addressing public safety, and fighting climate change.  Many of you offered very helpful insights, and I want to share some of your comments that stood out:

“Housing affordability is my top concern. We need more housing and a way to keep the families in San Francisco who move out because of cost of living.”

“Environmental policy must also include a plan for equity and affordability, so everyone can take advantage of a much safer city in the event of disasters like earthquakes and fires.”

“I really hope you can help make San Francisco feel safe for all its residents, along with rooting out issues with our homeless programs to actually solve the problems of our unhoused community.”

Reading your comments, it’s clear that we have some tough and important work ahead of us. While the City Attorney’s Office does not establish policy in the ways that I used to as a local and state lawmaker, we have significant enforcement authority.  And we can leverage the power of the law to hold the powerful accountable and defend the fundamental rights of all San Franciscans.

If you haven’t yet filled out the survey, there’s still time to give your feedback.  Please let me know your thoughts – fill it out if you haven’t!

Thank you again for your participation. Having your perspective will help me prioritize our work during the months ahead. 

Again, if you haven’t had the chance to fill out the survey, please do so by clicking here.