How to fill out your ADEM ballot

Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling energized after yesterday’s inauguration of President Joe Biden.  The nightmare of the past 4 years is over, and I’m optimistic about what the Biden-Harris Administration will do to end the pandemic, address the recession, and take our nation in a new direction.

As we reflect on this historic moment, I want to follow up and remind you about an important election that’s taking place in California right now. Ballots have been mailed out to all registered Democrats who requested them for the California Democratic Party Assembly Delegate election (ADEM). The ADEM election is important in charting the direction of our Party — and with so much on the line for the people of California, I want to make sure you exercise your right to vote, and take part in setting the agenda and selecting great leadership.

I endorsed the Rise Together slate because these candidates are amazing activists and organizers who are committed to a political agenda that lifts us all up. The Rise Together candidates are listed in a block on your ballot: #21- #34. 

Please complete your ballot and mail it back to the Party as soon as possible. All ballots must be received (not postmarked) by the Party in Sacramento by January 27th. Follow these 3 steps to fill out your ballot fully:

  1. Fill in your Voter ID number on the ballot (this is enclosed in a separate letter in your ballot packet).
  2. Vote for 14 candidates or less: up to 7 self identified female candidates (SIF) and 7 other than self identified female candidates (OSIF).
  3. Use the stamped envelope provided by the Party to mail back your completed ballot if at all possible by tomorrow, Friday, January 22.

If you have any questions, please click here to see more information about the Rise Together slate!

Lastly, if you do not live in Assembly District 17, or you did not request an ADEM ballot, can you forward this email to anyone who does have the opportunity to vote for our RISE Together slate? As we have seen at the national level, every vote matters!

Thanks for taking part in our democratic process. The California Democratic Party will be stronger as a result of your participation.