Happy Asian & Pacific American Heritage Month!

This month, I had the incredible honor of introducing Vice President Kamala Harris at a celebration of APA Heritage Month at her Naval Observatory residence in Washington, DC. 

David with Kamala Harris

26 years ago, when we worked together as prosecutors, I got to know my colleague and the tremendous leadership qualities that would distinguish her public service career. When I chaired the first Asians for Kamala group as she ran for San Francisco District Attorney, we worked together to uplift our elders in Chinatown, our Nisei and Sansei in Japantown, small business owners in Little Saigon, Korean ministers, Filipino artists, and South Asian tech entrepreneurs.

APA Heritage Month Celebration at VP's Residence

At the event in our nation’s capital, looking out onto the beautiful diversity of APA leaders from across America, I thought about how far our country has come. With our first Asian American Vice President, my second grade son and his classmates can see themselves in the leadership of our country – and know they can do anything,

That was not always the case. But despite challenges and crises over the decades, our community has made tremendous strides, and I’m proud of our progress. And I’m grateful for your support over the years. You helped elect me as the first Asian American to serve as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, to represent our city’s east side as State Assemblymember, and now to lead our City Attorney’s Office.

This fall, I am running for re-election as City Attorney, and ask if you can support me with a donation so I have the resources to continue to serve you.

Happy APA Heritage Month!