What’s scarier than Halloween (in 3 days)?

What’s scarier than any Halloween costume, horror movie, or monster?

Another four years of Donald Trump.

It’s officially Get Out The Vote (GOTV) weekend, so I wanted to make sure — have you voted yet? If not, NOW is the moment to ensure your voice is heard and make a plan.

  • Do your research by reading the San Francisco and California voter guides.
  • Turn in your mail-in ballot ASAP — if possible, putting it in an official dropbox rather than a mailbox. You can look up the nearest dropoff location here.
  • Identify your polling place or a regional early voting location to vote in-person early or on Election Day.
  • Make sure your friends and family vote too!

If you’ve already sent in your ballot — or plan to — I recommend tracking your ballot so you know it was counted in this historic election. There are so many crucial issues on the ballot — from ensuring adequate funding for schools and communities, repealing California’s ban on affirmative action, electing great leaders at every level, and sending Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House — and you deserve to have your voice heard.

Thank you for being a dedicated member of the Chiu Crew — and a dedicated voter.

Let’s do this!