We’re investigating rogue COVID testing sites

It’s unacceptable that someone would try to exploit a public health crisis for their own gain.

Unfortunately, in recent days, we’ve heard reports of potentially rogue COVID testing operators. This week, my office opened an investigation into such operators in San Francisco.

Our office is demanding answers from potentially unlicensed testing operators. You can read more about our investigation here.

I want you to know that while this investigation may determine that there have been rogue testing operators in our City, they are the exception, not the rule. In San Francisco, the vast majority of COVID tests are being done by licensed, lawful operators, and their results can be trusted.

But protecting the integrity of our COVID testing operations is critical, as during the Omicron surge, testing capacity is already stretched to the maximum. We are determined to root out any bad actors who violate the public trust.

You can read more about our investigation here––and once you’ve read the article, please share with friends and family.

If any member of the public suspects that an operator is unlicensed, please call 311. And know that if you seek a test through your healthcare provider, or through lists vetted by our local Department of Public Health, you are working with licensed and lawful operators.

I will be sure to follow up with you as we discover more. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.