We are on the edge of an eviction crisis. We have to act now.

A critical temporary ban on evictions has been in place since March, protecting Californians whose lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19 from losing their homes.
Those protections are about to run out.
My AB 1436 bill would protect tenants unable to pay their rent due to COVID-19 from evictions, as well as homeowners struggling to make their mortgages from foreclosure. We cannot leave millions of Californians vulnerable to homelessness simply because the pandemic and recession caused them to lose their jobs or significant income.
Now, in the eleventh hour, I need your help to pass AB 1436.  Will you add your name and stand with millions of California renters and homeowners?  I plan to deliver the list of signatures to the Legislature next week.

Our affordable housing and homelessness crisis was raging before COVID-19 hit us — and we simply cannot allow it to get any worse. It’s critical we put these protections in place so that those who currently have a home can continue to keep it.
We are facing an unprecedented time of instability as a nation and a world. In light of reckless leadership from the White House and an uncertain timeline for recovery, our state needs to be bold in standing up for the safety of our families, workers and communities. And that starts with housing.
Californians hit hard by COVID-19 will be exposed to evictions by the end of this month. Please add your name today — and send this petition to your friends!

In solidarity,