Today, San Francisco was at the US Supreme Court

This morning, our office took part in a pivotal argument at the United States Supreme Court.

The case, Arizona v. San Francisco, stems from the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant “public charge” rule, which would have created a wealth test for legal immigrants going through the naturalization process to become citizens.

In 2019, San Francisco and other jurisdictions sued the Trump Administration over the public charge rule, and we won several lower court victories. A federal district court in Illinois vacated the proposed rule nationwide, blocking Trump from going through with his policy.

But now that Trump is out of office and the Biden Administration made clear that it has no intention to implement or defend the policy, Trump’s allies in red states have taken up his mantle and are seeking to intervene in his place at the U.S. Supreme Court.

You can listen to a recording of the oral arguments here.

While the public charge rule stoked fear and xenophobia across the country, the Biden Administration has made it clear they will not implement Trump’s public charge rule, regardless of the outcome of the U.S. Supreme Court case.

Along with our partners in Santa Clara County and the California Attorney General’s Office, we’re standing up for the rights of immigrants and continuing to combat Trump’s anti-immigrant legacy.

This case reminds us that while Trump may be out of the Oval Office, the racist ideology he peddled lives on. We must remain resilient in our fight for justice and protect the rights of everyone who calls our nation home.

Click here to listen to the arguments in this case.