The moral thing to do

I’ve always said we need innovative solutions to tackle our state’s pressing housing issues. 

That’s why we’re starting 2020 strong with a new bill to address the worst homelessness crisis in California history.

AB 1905 will create a permanent source of funding to address homelessness by eliminating tax breaks for vacation homes and our state’s wealthiest homeowners.  Reforming California’s mortgage interest deduction policy would help us alleviate the incredible suffering on our streets. 

This is a bold proposal, and I’ll need your voice to get it passed. Will you add your name here as a supporter of AB 1905?

It doesn’t make sense for our state to subsidize a wealthy person’s ownership of two homes, while over 150,000 Californians sleep on our cold streets every night without any place to call home. 

Eliminating these tax breaks to create a permanent source of funding to address our homelessness crisis is simply the moral thing to do.

Passing this bill will require that all of us speak up and take action. Take the first step today —  become a supporter of AB 1905!

Let’s get to work!