Thanks to your help, Governor Newsom signed our bills into law!

I’m reaching out to let you know the good news.  In recent days, Governor Newsom signed five of our bills into law, including a landmark gun safety bill for California!

Thanks to your recent support in reaching out to the Governor, thousands of Californians will now benefit from the health and public safety reforms these bills bring.

AB 2847 will take gun manufacturers head-on by requiring microstamping — an engraved code imprinted on a bullet casing when a weapon is fired — for new firearms. This allows law enforcement to better trace firearms involved in crimes and remove non-compliant guns from circulation. With the signing of AB 2847 — a top 2020 priority for the Brady Campaign, the Giffords Center and gun safety advocates — we’re finally able to hold the gun industry more accountable for crimes.

You can read more about AB 2847, and how it will solve gun crimes and reduce gun fatalities, in a recent article by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Many of you also helped to encourage the Governor to sign two bills that bolster our social safety net during this pandemic and recession.  He signed both bills this past week.

AB 2520 will expand access to medical records for low-income Californians who are applying for crucial public benefits related to housing, disabilities, immigration status and domestic violence.

AB 2377 will help keep open adult residential facilities that have been closing at alarming rates in recent years. These boards and care homes provide crucial services for residents with mental health and other chronic challenges who would otherwise be at risk of homelessness. 

Along with our work to pass a new law providing eviction protections for millions of tenants experiencing economic hardship due to COVID-19, thank you again for your partnership in tackling some of the biggest issues facing our state.  Together, we will lift all Californians up during these challenging times.

In solidarity,