Take a stand against extremists. VOTE NO on the recall

Conservative extremists, conspiracy theorists, and Trump allies have joined forces in their latest attempt to bring their agenda to California with their recall attempt of our Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom. 

And according to recent public polls, if we don’t vote by September 14th, we could all wake up with a Trump supporter as the next Governor of California.  

Larry Elder, the leading Republican candidate to replace Gavin Newsom, has been a climate denier and anti-women, opposes the minimum wage and the assault weapons ban, and would repeal California’s rules requiring vaccines for health care workers and teachers.  In this moment, we cannot afford a Republican governor who will roll back the progress we’ve made and stop us from addressing the major issues facing California families.

As our state has faced an unprecedented series of crises from pandemic to recession to wildfires, Governor Newsom has shouldered massive responsibilities with a steadfast commitment to our health and safety. He’s made record investments in health care, job recovery, education, and homelessness, while standing with working families, small businesses, communities of color, immigrants, and our LGBTQ community.

We have to stand together and stand up for our state.  

Ballots were mailed to all voters this week, and in-person voting centers open this week.  Voting is simple: mark your ballot NO on the recall, place it in the official return envelope, and sign the back to make sure your vote is counted. 

Make sure you vote on or before Tuesday, September 14 by mailing your ballot (no stamp needed!), dropping your ballot off at any official ballot drop-off box, or voting in person at any polling location in the county. 

With less than a month left until voting ends on September 14, you can still make a real difference in the race by making a financial contribution to communicate with voters and stop Republican extremists. Will you split a contribution between me and the campaign to Stop the Republican Recall?

Partnering with Governor Newsom, we’ve taken on the tough fights to deliver results on challenges ranging from preventing evictions, increasing access to unemployment benefits, standing up for small businesses, and fighting climate change. I hope you will join me, President Biden, Vice President Harris and a broad coalition of Democratic and progressive leaders in standing united against Republican extremists. 

This is our moment to defend our California values, support Governor Newsom, and protect the progress we’ve made together in our state — by voting NO on the Republican recall. 


P.S. — If you need information about how to vote in this election, whether by mail or in-person, please click here.