Share your transit woes

Since I introduced our Bay Area Seamless Transit Act, I’ve talked to many San Franciscans and residents throughout the Bay, and people are fired up about public transit. Clearly, it’s past time to address our inefficient transit system, and Bay Area residents are ready for bold solutions.

We need to keep up the momentum on our bill if it’s going to move forward. Please click here to share your story about how or why our public transit system must be improved. (Most people have at least one!)

While I love public transit, I know from personal experience that our Bay Area transit system is inefficient and causes tremendous frustration. It doesn’t help that Bay Area riders have to navigate 27 different transit agencies — with separate fare systems, schedules, maps and connections.

Citizens, advocates, and policymakers have batted ideas around for years on how to fix our transit system. But the time for small fixes is over.

With the Bay Area Seamless Transit Act, we’re working towards getting you where you need to go faster — which means more time spent at school or work, socializing with your friends and family, and less time waiting for a bus, BART or Caltrain.

Nick — I need your voice to keep this bill moving forward. Stories from concerned citizens like you are what lead to real change — so please add yours here!

Thanks for joining the ride!


P.s. The San Francisco Chronicle published an editorial in support of our bill last week. You can read it here — and when you do, can you take a moment to share it with your friends today?