Preventing the newest COVID-19 wave — of evictions

When COVID-19 broke out, Governor Newsom and Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sankauye issued emergency moratoriums on residential evictions, to allow California tenants to defer paying rent if they were unable to afford it due to COVID-19. With millions of Californians out of work or with reduced incomes, these decisions have been critical to keeping Californians safely in their homes and saving millions of tenants from being forced into homelessness.

But time is running out on those protections, and eviction moratoriums could be lifted at any time. When they are, tenants would immediately owe all past due rent at once or face evictions. As we all know, so many Californians are hanging by a thread financially, and if the protections go away, that would be catastrophic for all of them.

That’s why, this week, I introduced the COVID-19 Eviction Prevention and Housing Stability Act.  AB 1436 will prevent tenants from being evicted due to unpaid back rent during this pandemic and give them time to pay that back rent. Please click here to support our bill — and if you would like, share your point of view or experience on this critical issue.

From a study by the U.S. Census Bureau, we know that 14% of Californians could not pay their rent last month, and 31% are concerned they won’t be able to this month. If you or your family have lost your job or seen your wages go down because of COVID-19, that’s not your fault, and you should not be evicted. Period.

We can’t afford a wave of eviction leading to mass displacement and a dramatic increase in homelessness. Please click here to add your name.

While this bill is incredibly necessary, it will not be an easy fight — so I need you with me. I’ll make sure to let you know how you can help pass AB 1436 in the coming weeks.

By passing common-sense legislation like this, we can weather this health and economic storm as one California. Please join us.


PS — You can read more about our bill in this San Francisco Chronicle article here.