Only a few more days to fight COVID-19 evictions — add your name now!

“It takes almost all my SSI to pay my rent… If I die, even though my son was born in this home, he would be forced out.”
“My landlord has made it clear, no rent and he will lock me out of home. It’s scary and I shouldn’t be living in all this fear due to circumstances beyond my control.”
“[The eviction moratorium] has ensured that my neighbors continue to live without the threat of eviction and has eased their anxiety. That has benefited me greatly because at least seeing your neighbors’ faces, although masked, gives me hope that we can get through this together.”

Yesterday, our bill to protect millions of renters and homeowners from evictions and foreclosures was passed by the California Senate Judiciary Committee.  We heard from hundreds of Californians who called during public comment.  The stories above are just a few of what we’ve heard from San Franciscans about what’s at stake.
Can you add your name to support AB 1436? On Monday, I plan to send the full list of petition signatures to the Senate — so please add yours to show the grassroots support for our bill!

If our Legislature does not act before the temporary eviction moratorium is lifted on September 1 by California’s judicial branch, make no mistake: our housing and homelessness crisis will get exponentially worse.  We absolutely cannot allow that to happen.
Californians across our state — homeowners and renters alike — are just trying to stay afloat during this uncertain time. This bill is absolutely necessary — and with your support, we will get it done.
Please add your name today, and I’ll add it to the petition I will submit Monday for the upcoming State Senate floor vote.  Once you add your name, please send the petition to your friends — your signature could be the one that convinces Senators to vote Yes!

In solidarity,