ONE week until Election Day – here’s what you need to know!

Election Day is just ONE week away. It’s time to show Donald Trump that the American people won’t stand for his bigotry, lies and misinformation campaigns.  It’s time to fund our schools and communities, stand up for gig workers, and fight systemic racism throughout all of California.  It’s time to ensure San Franciscans have the support they need to stay healthy, keep a roof over their heads, and get back to work.
But to do all that, we all must make our voices heard.
NOW is the moment to ensure your voice is heard and make a plan to vote!

  • Do your research by reading the San Francisco and California voter guides.
  • Turn in your mail-in ballot ASAP either through the postal service or at a ballot dropoff location. You can look up the nearest dropoff location here.
  • Identify your polling place or a regional early voting location to vote in-person early or on Election Day.
  • Make sure your friends and family vote too!

If you’ve already sent in your ballot — or plan to — I recommend tracking your ballot so you know it was counted in this historic election. Your vote matters. Without it, we can’t create the wave of change across our city, state, and country that we so desperately need.

If we all make our voices heard, we will have a lot to celebrate in just one week from today.
Democratically yours,