My bill on patient privacy — passed by the State Assembly!

As our state and our world work to stay healthy and recover from COVID-19, we must remove every obstacle to healthcare access. 

Now more than ever, a patient should not be dissuaded from seeking the healthcare they need because they worry about their privacy — but it happens, every day. Patients choose not to get necessary treatment for sensitive services for reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, substance use, mental health, intimate partner violence, and more. 

I authored AB 1184 to strengthen patient privacy, and give patients peace of mind that when they receive health care, the treatment stays between them and their doctor. Our Assembly just passed the bill, and it’s headed to the State Senate — can you add your name here to support it? 

As it stands, the primary policy holder — often a parent or a partner — receives explanations of benefits statements from insurance companies. If sensitive health care information is exposed, it can lead to very challenging — and even dangerous — situations.

A person may not be safe if their partner finds out they received care related to intimate partner violence.  A young person who is not out to their family could be disowned if they are found to be receiving transgender health care.   

These are urgent changes we need to make, to stand up for the privacy, safety, and health of every Californian. Please add your name here to stand with me, Planned Parenthood, patient, consumer and privacy advocates in support of AB 1184. 

In solidarity,