Justice for George Floyd

These recent days have been some of the most upsetting, infuriating, heartbreaking and painful times that many of us have ever experienced in our country.

We certainly didn’t need yet another example of the danger our criminal justice system presents to the lives of Black men and women — but tragically, we got one in Minneapolis.

I stand in solidarity with every San Franciscan, Californian, and American demanding both justice for George Floyd’s murder and the swift and bold overhaul of our justice system — which is currently far from delivering justice for all.  Police brutality and racist violence against Black people must end, full stop.

As a legislator and Chair of the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, I am committed to continuing to pursue policies that root out racism, advance equity, hold law enforcement accountable, and ensure that Black Lives Matter.

I first came to San Francisco to work for a civil rights organization rooted in the struggles of the Black community.  Among so many great organizations doing groundbreaking work during these dark times, I wanted to share a few so you can consider supporting them:

  • ACLU: In California and around the country, the ACLU continues its fight to protect free speech, hold law enforcement accountable, and demand action.
  • Black Futures Lab: Black Futures Lab is doing deep organizing work to build political power in Black communities, to elect leaders and to enact policies advancing justice.
  • Equal Justice Society: EJS is transforming our nation’s consciousness on race and combatting present-day discrimination through law, social science and the arts.  
  • United Playaz: A violence prevention and youth development organization in San Francisco, UP strives to keep young people from entering and re-entering the justice system.

As a father, my heart aches for all families who have lost loved ones due to police brutality or racist violence.  Along with you, I recommit myself to fighting for a world where my four-year-old son and his generation will see far less racism, no bigoted leaders in office, a country that has come together around our shared values, and an America that delivers equal justice for all.

In solidarity,