“I’m at my wits’ end”

“I have wasted weeks of my time trying to get through to unemployment. This office should be fully staffed and no one in need should have to waste precious time trying to get the money they are due. This is shameful bureaucracy.”

“They said I’d been approved for money about 6 weeks ago but I haven’t heard a peep since then. I haven’t gotten a dime and have no idea about my status. I’m at my wits’ end.”

“It has impacted our family member, who is a SF Yellow Taxi driver. He called EDD 45 times yesterday morning. No answer.”

These are just a few of the responses we got last month when I asked you to share your experiences with California’s unemployment agency, the Employment Development Department (EDD).  We’ve heard from so many who are depleting their life savings, going into extreme debt, and not able to pay the rent or put food on the table — because of EDD’s failures.

As your Assemblymember, it’s been incredibly upsetting to hear these stories — especially because my staff, my colleagues, and I have been demanding action from EDD for months. As the COVID-19 crisis wears on, and our economic future looks increasingly unstable, it’s absolutely imperative that EDD starts improving its operations.
At a contentious Assembly Budget Committee oversight hearing yesterday, EDD leadership again ducked hard questions, gave evasive non-answers, and demonstrated how oblivious they are to the plight of millions of Californians. It was clear to everyone  — particularly the public — that EDD is not making the reforms that we need.
At this crucial time, EDD is failing California. Will you sign this petition telling the EDD to step up and do its job?

Having your voice is critical, because this is a big fight. The EDD is desperately in need of reform, and we need to make this a priority — along with ensuring San Franciscans have access to healthcare and food, and are protected from evictions and foreclosures in the coming months.
We need to raise our voices and demand change — because clearly, what has already been tried isn’t working.  If we’re going to fix this broken system, it’ll take all of us — so please add your name here and demand change from the EDD.
In these uncertain times, they have to listen. By raising our voice, I’m confident we can get them to hear us. 

In solidarity,