Calling the gun industry’s bluff

The gun industry has been dragging its feet on a common-sense law that would make guns safer and hold criminals accountable. Together, we can force them to take action that will save lives.

My new bill, AB 2847, would require gunmakers to incorporate microstamping technology — to imprint microscopic characters that identify a handgun’s make, model, and serial number on the casing of every bullet that is fired. Having this information is critical to solving countless crimes involving firearms, as well as to reducing the black market for guns. The bill would also require that new handguns include safety features to prevent accidental shootings.

[Twitter: David Chiu] I was excited to present our bill in Public Safety Committee today to compel the gun industry to adopt stronger safety measures. These are strong, common sense measures that will make us all safer. Background on the bill:

A microstamping law was signed in 2007, but the gun manufacturers in California decided simply to stop producing any new handguns at all — arguing that the technology was too hard to implement.

My bill simplifies the microstamping requirement, in a way that the gun industry has admitted in court they can already do. With this new simpler approach, forcing the manufacturers to change their ways, I’m calling their bluff.

Our bill passed its first critical vote this past week. Please click here to read the San Francisco Chronicle piece on this groundbreaking legislation — and then share my post with your friends and family!

It’s far past time for excuses by the gun industry. As a father, I’m ready to do all I can to ensure that all of our children are safe, and that gunmakers are held accountable.

I’m honored to be working with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Giffords Law Center, March for Our Lives California and a host of other advocates — who believe, as I passionately do, that the gun industry has evaded this critical issue for far too long.

I hope you’ll read this article about our bill and share the post with friends, so more Californians can know what we’re doing to hold the gun industry accountable.