Ask Governor Newsom to strengthen our social safety net

Right now, San Franciscans and Californians are hurting deeply — due to the COVID-19 pandemic, profound economic insecurity, and dangerous air quality caused by wildfires.  As your Assemblymember, I’ve been working hard to strengthen our social safety net, so all families have the support they need.

Since the pandemic began, I’ve fought tooth and nail to keep San Franciscans and Californians afloat during these trying times. Two of my bills — AB 2520 and AB 2377 — are on the Governor Newsom’s desk, and I need your help to urge him to sign them into law.

AB 2520 will help low-income people and immigrants more easily apply for a variety of crucial public benefits programs. It expands access to medical records necessary to apply for these programs, as well as requires healthcare providers to complete benefit-eligibility forms for free, so families can access these programs as quickly as possible.

AB 2377 will keep more adult “board and care” facilities open, after too many have closed in recent years.  Residents with mental health and other chronic challenges have depended upon Adult Residential Facilities for critical housing, care, and support services, and this bill would help keep them open so their residents don’t become homeless.

I need your help — can you add your name to ask Governor Newsom to sign these two critical bills into law?

As COVID-19, the recession and wildfires have upended the lives of millions of Californians, the need for a strong social safety net that puts people first has never been more critical.

If you agree, can you please join us in calling on Governor Newsom to sign these crucial bills?  Together, we will get through this.

In solidarity,