A rare good news update from the Supreme Court!

It’s hard to believe, but we actually had an update from the U.S. Supreme Court last week that was positive! The Supreme Court dismissed an appeal from Arizona that was trying to defend a Trump-era immigration law.

This is great news for the civil rights of immigrants, not only for families in San Francisco and California, but across our country. Will you join me in celebrating this news on Twitter?

This case, Arizona v. San Francisco, was a cynical effort by Republican-controlled states to defend the “public charge” rule, proposed by Donald Trump and his allies to subject immigrants seeking citizenship to a xenophobic “wealth test.”

The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office filed the first lawsuit in the nation challenging the public charge rule, and we secured several lower court rulings in our favor.

Even after the Biden Administration rescinded the rule, Arizona and 12 other conservative states tried to intervene in our case to defend the now-defunct rule. The Supreme Court’s dismissal of appeal means that our previous ruling from the Ninth Circuit will stand.

This is a beacon of light within the long shadow cast by the previous Administration, and it’s great news for immigrant families and their civil rights.

In San Francisco and California, we will continue to honor our legacy of welcoming immigrants from all backgrounds and fighting any attempts to create xenophobic barriers to citizenship. I’d love to hear what this news will mean for you and your family — can you take a minute to share its impact with me?