8 of my bills are headed to the Governor’s desk!

The 2021 legislative year has officially ended — and the Chiu Crew has a lot to be proud of. Thanks to your amazing advocacy and support throughout this year, we once again have historic legislation headed to Governor Newsom’s desk!

From climate change to immigrant rights, health care to housing, criminal justice reform to equity for LGBTQ+ Californians, our bills are addressing some of the most pressing issues facing our state today.

I’ve been on social media discussing all our bills headed to Governor Newsom’s desk — follow me so you don’t miss any updates!

In the coming weeks, Governor Newsom will decide which bills he will sign into law. Here are 8 bills we have on his desk at the moment:

  • AB 525 will establish an offshore wind industry in California — finally taking advantage of an untapped source of 100% renewable energy off our coast — on our way to building a green economy and combating climate change. 
  • AB 1184 will protect patient privacy at sensitive healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood — because every patient, no matter what care they need, deserves to have their privacy respected. 
  • AB 1259 will ensure that as immigrants leave the criminal justice system after serving their sentence, they can file an appeal to challenge a legally invalid conviction to avoid being separated from their family and deported. 
  • AB 481 will demilitarize California local law enforcement agencies by requiring public transparency when they purchase military equipment, which will help restore trust between law enforcement and our communities. 
  • AB 245 will advance equity for our LGBTQ+ community by ensuring that students have their names and gender identities accurately reflected on student records and diplomas — key to securing jobs and post-graduation opportunities. 
  • To address our state’s housing crisis, AB 215 will strengthen our state’s ability to enforce housing laws; AB 816 will ensure ongoing funding to address the needs of chronically homeless Californians with medical conditions; AB 1584 will prioritize descendants of people previously displaced by redevelopment for affordable housing programs.

I will be sharing updates on these historic bills on social media — so be sure to follow my Twitter feed to get the news!

There are many other bills I’ve co-authored or otherwise supported through the session covering important issues — including AB 1177, which continues the work of my Public Banking Act from 2019 to move forward establishing zero-fee, zero-penalty banking for all Californians.

There’s a lot to celebrate after this challenging legislative year. I’m proud of the incredibly hard work of the Chiu Crew to keep our communities safe and build back better from the COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you for your support and advocacy this year. I’ll be sure to stay in touch as these bills are hopefully signed in the coming weeks.


P.S. If you haven’t yet voted No on the Recall, today is Election Day – so please VOTE in person or return your ballot before 8pm tonight. We need to make sure we have a Governor who shares our priorities for California and has been fighting for our values. Find your nearest polling place here.